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!! Kristi's Heart of Confidence Necklace

!! Kristi's Heart of Confidence Necklace

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The heart symbolizes love. 

It is OK to love yourself and put yourself first.

Your heart is not hard, it is just resilient.

The lock lets you know that it is OK to protect your heart, your peace, and your joy. 

This piece was purposely scratched.  Embrace the imperfections. We as humans are all flawed in our own ways. Our hearts of scars are what made us who we are today. Embrace it. Wear it with confidence.

May this heart lock necklace be a reminder that there is always beauty in the darkness. No matter what you are facing, how dark your situation is or how hard your heart has become. There is always beauty within. 

Care Instructions

Washing and caring for a lace front wigs:

We recommend that you wash the wig at least once a week using medium or cool water only.Place the wig on a mannequin head, spray with water from the ends to the roots.Using a wide tooth comb, comb the wig in the same manner (ends to roots) making sure there are no tangles.Place the wig in warm water for 5 minutes. Do not leave in water too long, this will cause the hair to tangle easily.Wash it gently using special shampoo and conditioner made for wigs. DO NOT rub it. Make sure to rinse the wig thoroughly in cool water.Place the wig on a blockhead or a mannequin (this will keep your wig in original shape) and blot dry using a towel (DO NOT SCRUB). Allow your wig to air dry overnight.When the wig is nearly dry, comb through it using your fingers to separate the hair strands.

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